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13 Sins (2014)

13 Sins (2014)

6.3 HD 2014

13 Sins (2014) Plot:

In New Orleans, the salesman Elliot Brindle is full of debts and expecting a promotion to get married with his girlfriend Shelby that is pregnant. However his unethical chief fires him and Elliot is desperate since he supports his intellectually disabled brother Michael Brindle with his health insurance. He reaches the rock bottom when his estranged racist father tells that he is going to live with him. Out of the blue, Elliot receives a phone call and a stranger invites him to participate in a game where he may win a large amount and become a millionaire provided he accomplishes thirteen tasks. Initially the skeptical Elliot needs to kill a fly and then eat it. After each task, Elliot finds the promised deposit in his bank account. He decides to accept the invitation, and the tasks become aggressive, gruesome, brutal and offensive. When Elliot decides to quit the game, he realizes that there is no return for him. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release: -0001-11-30
Director: Daniel Stamm