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Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000)

Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000)

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Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000) Plot:

When Molly Hale's sadness of her father's disappearance gets to her, she unknowingly uses the Unown to create her own dream world along with Entei, who she believes to be her father. When Entei kidnaps Ash's mother, Ash along with Misty & Brock invade the mansion looking for his mom and trying to stop the mysteries of Molly's Dream World and Entei!
Country: Japan
Release: 2000-07-08
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama,Kunihiko Yuyama,Kunihiko Yuyama,Hatsuki Tsuji,Hatsuki Tsuji,Shoichi Masuo,Koji Fukasawa,Noriyuki Kitanohara,Mitsuru Nasukawa